10 Eating Habits To Help You Lose Weight – Guide From The Expert


Eating Habits To Help You Lose Weight

Eating is all fun and pleasure until you notice that increase in body weight (fat if you may). Research has shown that it is easier to gain weight than to lose it. This makes you wish you were a computer so that developers could come up with a program that allows you to eat and never gain anything that sounds any familiar to weight.

But hold on just a moment, you can program yourself to never grow that extra weight and even better, lose that which was gained along the way.

One way is hitting the gym. Another way is completely cutting off from the foods that raise(d) the alarm. And a final way- which we will be walking through today is changing your eating habits.

Yes, there I said it. Changes in your eating habit should come before any medical prescription. Having brought you this far I have no other option than to give you 10 eating habits that will guarantee you weight loss.

But before we plough deep down into these habits, I will ask for one virtue from you-Patience. Yes patience, the act of waiting and tolerating without giving up. Results may seem to delay but believe me, they will be worthwhile.

Here Are Your 10 Eating Habits To Help You Lose Weight

1. Adopt Healthy Eating

healthy eating habits

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There is one rule out there in the streets and it states that healthy foods be 80% percent of the meals you take. In this, you will discover that you are not completely locked out of heaven, nop. This beats the idea most of you have about dieting- that you should completely avoid those foodstuffs that cause weight gain.

This 8/10 rule can be achieved differently. For example, you could form a ten-day eating program which allows you to incorporate your favs into your meals for two days out of the ten. The next thing to do in this step is to make healthy eating a habit. (Reference from HuffPost)

Of course, it would not be fruitful without sticking to healthy eating. So scale down those pieces of fats and proteins and add more salad to them.

Greens like spinach are highly recommended and fruits. Eggs were once feared for weight loss until recently where studies proved them otherwise.

In fact, eggs are recommended for people trying to lose weight. Also ensure that your meals are well balanced, a protein here, a carb there, vitamins and minerals all over the place.

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2. Don’t Skip That Breakfast

Don't Skip That Breakfast

In the desperate need for weight loss, you might find yourself cutting off from breakfast. Well, good news as now you can cut yourself back into the habit of having breakfast every day.

Good people of research have proven to us that people who take breakfast regularly lose more weight and faster in that case than those who skip the meal.

Research further recommends that you take the same breakfast more.

Why? Eating the same meal is claimed to contribute more to cutting weight. You should include a fruit or two in the meal, as we saw that fruits play an important role in the loss of weight.

3. Take Water As Often As Possible


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Now, this has been a huge song out there. And we will sing it here, again. Probably the one thing you did not know is that taking about 500mls of water before any meal helps you lose weight more.


You may wonder. It is simple. Well, water fills the stomach and this gives you a lowered appetite- you will eat less. Keep yourself as hydrated as possible.

Water helps keep your metabolism up and smoothly running hence the process of weight loss. Never ignore the power of water. And again, make drinking of water a habit.


4. Keep Eating Records/Diaries and Reminders

Keep Eating Records/Diaries and Reminders

These two may fail to add directly into your process of weight loss but help you psychologically in the same.

The diaries and reminders keep you updated with what you consume, they remind you of what you should consume,

they help you keep track of the weight cutting process and they further help you identify any changes in your body and keep you in the right track of the process.

These will also help you set sound goals and will be your companions on your journey to weight loss.

5. Be Proud of The Changes in The Diet

diet change

Embrace the habit. Some of you fall shy in the presence of an extra company or in a new surrounding and especially when you want to fit in perfectly in a new group.

You should know that your body and health matter more to you, and this should be your motto throughout the weight-losing process.

Dig out that banana from your bag and place those veggies on the front row of your refrigerator. Do not at any single time think that it is a shameful process, there are way worse processes out there (not that it is a bad process though).


6. Leave The House On A Full Stomach

This is yet another step that demands yourself discipline. The level at which food aromas and their sights affect you in public is lower than the effect on you on an empty stomach. I am sure you have experienced this.

That sight of a hot dog in public while on an empty stomach sends your bowels howling like savage wolves on a new moon. This will make you eat unhealthy foods out there in the streets and a lot in that case.

7. Keep Your Eating Time Fixed And Regular

eating at a fixed time

Do not eat at any time of day or night just because you felt hungry or bored. We discussed breakfasts. Now we will discuss your meals’ timing.

Let the timing be fixed. Pick the recommended food and regularly eat it. Avoid this habit of eating after dinner. Irregular eating time results to weight gain. You may find yourself eating much, much more, through the in-between-hours meals.

8. Do Not Comfort Yourself Using Food

Feeling bored? Go to the movies. Did he dump you for your best friend? Take your dog for a walk or visit your parents. My point is, do not comfort yourself by eating. Most of you call it stress eating. Just don’t. This of course will add to your list of regrets later.

9. Prepare Most Of  Your Meals

For some reasons, this should be somewhere up on our list. The meals you order out there in hotels or wherever are more often made to satisfy your taste buds and not your body at large. They can be super duper delicious and at the same instance super double duper disastrous to your body.

They can come with uncontrolled calorie content, something which you can control within your kitchen. So, you should make it a habit of preparing most of your meals for satisfying end results.

10. Make It A Habit of Taking Your Meals In One Part Of Your Home

Avoid taking your food to your bedroom, garage or wherever. This close proximity to food makes you eat more than planned and the results of this are clear as crystal.

Warping it up

This may not be an exhaustive list of eating habits that are dedicated to weight loss, but if followed well, they will help you make friends again with the mirror and his friend the camera. Together with other habits (for example, hitting the gym), you will enjoy positive results sooner. Turn the eating habits into some chronic disease, and for sure you will thank me later.

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