My 7 Spinning Tips For Beginners


Spinning Tips For Beginners

Some of the best aerobic exercises include running, swimming, and walking, among others. These exercises help you burn a lot of calories, leading to improved health and fitness. However, there is another type of aerobic exercise known as spinning. This form of exercise is known to help burn between 600 and 1000 calories in one hour, which means it is ideal for burning calories. In addition, spinning is associated with a number of cardio benefits, which have a positive impact on your overall health. However, spinning classes can be intimidating for beginners, but with some determination, you can easily make it and enjoy its immense benefits.

My Easy 7 spinning tips for Beginners

Choose the right spin instructor

First and foremost choosing the right spin instructor is very important. Some of these instructors are known to hurt people, especially the ones who are not trained. For this reason, it is ideal to choose a gym with a certified instructor to reduce the risk of injury. A certified instructor is usually friendly and helpful, and will also provide you with essential information on how to set up your bike, as well as good cues throughout your classes concerning form and pace. Ideally, choose an instructor who is more outgoing and motivating.

Buy yourself the right workout clothes and shoes

To get started, buy yourself the right sneakers and workout clothes that will enable you to exercise comfortably on a spinning bike. Ideally, go for wicking tops and padded cycling shorts because they make you more comfortable while working out on your spin bike.

Start your classes

Start exercising on the spinning bike, which is a specially designed stationary bike. Your instructor will guide you as you pedal along through a visualisation of an outdoor workout. Throughout the workout, you speed and pace will keep varying. You will be required to pedal at a very high speed for a certain period of time and then reduce your speed at some point and start pedalling slowly while standing. Your instructor will help you learn various ways of spinning in order to adjust your speed to fit your fitness level. For a start, you will be exercising for 30 to 45 minutes and increase the exercise time progressively as you advance.

Be courageous

Appreciate the fact that riding a spinning bike is not very difficult because it is almost like riding outside. You just need to go at your own pace with over-exerting yourself. However, when you feel you have the muscle to spin at your highest speed, go for it but let go once you feel exhausted. In a spin class, you are in charge and your instructor’s role is to motivate you so that you can do your best.

Know how to achieve results

This is one of the best spinning tips for beginners. Knowing how to increase the tension on the bike as well as varying your cadence is the key to great results. Increasing the tension on your bike as well as varying your cadence in order to challenge yourself more leads to better results. Results can be measured in terms of calories burned, heart rate zone achieved power, as well as mph. You instructor will always play music that you like in order to keep you motivated. As a matter of fact, spin is built on the tempo of the songs. This means that if you like the music being played, you are more likely to keep the pace. In addition, listening to good music and having a motivating instructor makes you not to notice the hours pass by. This means that you will concentrate more on your workouts and achieve better results.

Look for a spinning partner

In order to feel more encouraged and improve your performance, invite a friend so that you can exercise together. You can choose a friend who is a beginner like you, or someone who is a seasoned spinner. Being joined by a friend will make you feel comfortable and at home.

Be persistent

As a beginner, it is very easy to quit, especially when things start getting a bit tough. Don’t entertain the idea of quitting at all; relax and allow your tension to go down and continue to peddle till the end of the class, if possible. Endurance will help you build confidence as well as self-pride and this will motivate you to continue with your classes. You will find out that as you continue to persist with your spinning exercises, you will begin to like it more and more. This is one of most important spinning tips for beginners since without persistence; it is easy for lack of confidence.

If you are really interested burning calories at a faster rate, the best way to do it is to join spinning classes or get an indoor cycling bike in order to become a seasoned spinner. Spinning allows you to use different muscles of your body, diversify your exercise routine, as well as making it possible for you to do cross training. All this helps you burn more calories as well as making your workout regime more interesting. The above-mentioned spinning tips for beginners will help you become a seasoned spinner and also make your workouts more interesting and rewarding.

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