Aerobicise: The Pilot Episode Of 20 Minute Workout (1982)

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Working out is always fun with friends, family or a group. In a word, it is difficult to burn your extra fat all alone by yourself. You likely to get demotivated or cannot just go along. Simply put, it is an arduous job to keep maintaining your daily exercise routine alone.

But it is not always possible to be attached with an active workout group. We live in a speedy world and we cannot guarantee that we will find people every time to be accompanied by. The concept of different workout based TV series was arisen keeping this context in mind.

We have been asked many times by our subscribers and readers to focus on to different vintage workout show, especially on aerobics. With the continuation of the request, here is the first installment that features vintage workout shows. It will be started with :20 minute workout (1982) directed by Ron Harris.

One of the first workout TV shows launched in the early 80’s. It was the first exercise TV show that successfully enthralled the industry at that time in my opinion. It was comprised with only one season and discontinued afterward. Though discontinued, the show was resurgent later- with the same name and directed by the same person Ron Harris.

‘AEROBICISE’ – The Pilot Episode of 20 minute workout (1982)

Anyway, Today I will be talking about the pilot episode of :20 minute workout (1982). It was named ‘Aerobicise’. The word ‘Aerobicise’ comes from manipulating the word Aerobics and Exercise. The pilot episode ‘Aerobicise’ itself contained a very important role among the exercise TV shows premiered that time.

No other workout TV show of early 80’s was such success as the :20 minute workout (1982) was from its pilot episode- the ‘Aerobicise’. According to most of the viewers, it was mesmerizing from the very first sight.

Basic information

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  • IMDB Rating: 7.5
  • Total Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Category: Exercise/Sports
  • Directed By: Ron Harris
  • Important Casts: Loryanna Catalano, Deborah Corday, Tina Rocca



The pilot episode of :20 minute workout ‘Aerobicise’ is totally an aerobics emphasized workout TV show. Here three beautiful girls show different basic and concise Aerobics movement. Since it is the pilot episode, all movements shown here are strictly basic and no advanced aerobics were shown.


Said before, the :20 minute workout (1982) was a created a hype over the media that time. It received both good and bad exegesis. Some critics excoriated the show since it was more of an erotic video rather than being an exercise TV show. Here’s mentionable that the director Ron Harris was an active videographer of playboy channel that time. So, it is obvious that whenever he made any show, it would receive such criticism.

Some other critics warmly praised the effort made on ‘Aerobicise’. According to their thought, whether the ‘Aerobicise’ focuses completely on aerobics or not, it actively attracted people towards aerobics or exercising.

Final words

In my opinion, apart from the broadcasting procedure, it is a very precise and thorough aerobics demonstration video in short. And if anybody want to get an idea on Aerobics or specially on to the fact that- how was the aerobics during early 80’s, he/she will get an aesthetic demonstration over it by watching the ‘Aerobicise’


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