7 Amazing Benefits Of Using an Under Desk Exercise Bike


Benefits Of Using an Under Desk Exercise Bike

Most people know the importance of staying fit and in shape. Aside from the physical benefits, staying healthy is a key aspect to leading a long and happy life. Though many are aware of the need for exercise, work and other obligations often get in the way of following through on workout goals. Thankfully, under desk exercise bikes are available to make life easier for everyone.

This device is similar to a traditional stationary bike in that it uses pedals to keep legs moving and work out key muscle groups. The compact design allows it to for neatly under a desk so it can be both useful and out of the way. Here are seven examples of how an under desk exercise bike has the ability to benefit everyone who uses it.

Amazing benefits of Under desk exercise bike

Perfect for Office Jobs

Every person with a desk job knows how sitting still all day can have a negative effect on them physically. A sedentary lifestyle often leads to lowered metabolism, obesity and even heart disease. While these are extreme examples, it is always a good idea to find ways around the hazards of sitting motionless in a chair all day long. An under desk exercise bike will keep legs moving and increase blood flow. This alone will counteract some of the more serious damage the lack of motion can cause.

Strengthen Muscles

While finding time to get the gym everyday is something many people struggle with, an under desk bike can help bridge the gap between workouts. Keeping legs moving while still accomplishing other tasks is an excellent way to maintain muscle strength. After people get used to the motion, increasing the resistance will also lead to increased strength and definition.

Speed Up Metabolism

It is no secret that with each passing year a person’s metabolism has the potential of decreasing dramatically. By increasing heart rate and blood flow, a person can improve their metabolism making it much easier to loose weight and keep it off. This will make the exercise with the under desk bike, as well as any other workout, much more effective.

Easier on Joints

Many workout routines include cardiovascular exercises such as running on a treadmill or on a road. The under desk exercise bike will get a person’s heart rate up without the heavy impact on their joints. This will make it so anyone can stay physically fit without long term damage. As an added bonus, the low impact exercise can be used by people with arthritis to improve strength and motion, and also help others avoid arthritis in the future.

Improve Sleep Patterns

People who find it difficult to sleep at night often do not perform a high level of activity throughout the day. Using an under desk bike will increase a person’s heart rate and burn calories. This will cause the body to crave rest to repair and build muscles. While this is not an immediate benefit, with consistent use the bike has the ability to help people fall asleep faster and remain asleep for the duration of the night.

Burn Fat

As mentioned before, using an under desk exercise bike has the ability to boost metabolism. This, along with the calories burned from the peddling motion, will lead to fat loss. Many do not use the bike for high intensity workouts, but still see results after using it every day. No matter if it is at work or at home, using the bike for even just 30 minutes each day will improve a person’s overall health and lead to a trimmer figure.

Improve Mental Health

A huge selling point to regular exercise is the effect it has on a person’s state of mind. Lack of movement during the day can leave a person feeling sluggish and tired. Adding a form of exercise into a routine will increase the amount of endorphins the body produces giving anyone a happy and accomplished feeling. An under desk exercise bike is the perfect form of exercise for all those who cannot find the time for anything else.

Final Words

For the person who spends the majority of their time behind a desk, or the parent who needs to stay in with the kids all day long, an under desk exercise bike is the perfect device to stay in shape and improve their overall health. From improving muscle tone and definition to getting a better night’s sleep, this is an effective and easy way to include physical fitness into a busy day. In conclusion, an under desk exercise bike can benefit people of all ages and vastly improve their quality of life.


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