Different Types Of Exercise Bikes – What You Need To Know


different types of exercise bikes

There is an increasing interest to exercise and stay in shape in the present world. It not only guarantees you a good health but also boosts your overall confidence and keeps you fit by burning all the excess body calories.

In the present market, there are varieties of exercise bikes from various competing companies that guarantee you a bike that suits your taste. However, there are certain things that you should check when it comes to buying an exercise bike.

Different Types Of Exercise Bikes

The Driving Force

Is your driving force is to keep fit, then you require a heart rate monitor as well as some pre-programmed workouts that will burn as many calories to shed off some weight. On the other hand, a professional athlete training for a marathon will need a more advanced bike than an average user to boost his/her training for the main event.

However, in both cases, the recommended bike is different because the intended use is entirely different. Nevertheless, the essential thing is for the person to feel comfortable while exercising or doing any other work. Therefore, a good bike should have adjustable seats and handlebars to adjust according to the weight and the height of the user and should be made to fit your body correctly.

Indoor cycling bikes


When you base your focus on indoor cycling bikes, there are different types of exercise bikes that you would like to consider. After determining the features of a bike that you would like to buy its good to have one with the highest quality for an affordable price. Some spinning bikes have additional features that are very enjoyable, and you may fall for a bike that is beyond your budget for some features that will not suit your indoor cycling needs.

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It’s good to have a background research to enable you to identify what you are looking for among other bikes on the display. Here are some of the best indoor cycling bikes, they are;

Indoor Cycle Trainer


These are the best bikes for cardio exercise at the convenience of your home. You can start riding indoor at any time of the day regardless of the weather condition. It is suitable for training for a cycling competition, triathlon and for getting you into a better physical condition.

With a little research, you can be able to get the best bike in this category that suits your personal budget. It has features that beginners might not need or want, but the most inexpensive ones have excellent value for your price. It’s sensible to check details for its pros and cons that will enable you to way your options.

However, the one essential point is that some flywheel bikes require the user to be about three to five inches tall. A healthy and robust indoor recycling trainer is an investment for your physical fitness, it not only strengthens your heart, but it can be a good cardio exercise to reduce stress and enhance muscle endurance.

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Recumbent exercise bicycle


It’s a perfect choice for people who suffer from back problems. The bike is similar to upright bikes; the only real difference is the seating position. They have a lower seat with a backrest which is a much more comfortable position. It’s ideal for old, overweight or any other person who has not undertaken much exercise before.

The seats are larger and comfortable while the pedaling position allows you to be further back. You can relax and still have a great workout and never get bored using it.

Under desk exercise bike


Under desk exercise bikes are portable which makes it easy to use because it can be neatly tucked under your desk allowing you to use it as you complete other tasks. They can be used while in a computer enabling you to keep track of time. It offers the best exercise for your shoulders and arms as well as loosening muscles in your upper torso. They have peddles crafted from material and some straps that prevent foot slippage hence enabling you to position your foot securely at all times to avoid injury.

Besides, these bikes being portable they are constructed in a way that they have enough weight to remain in place as you use it. They have adjustable resistance to enable you to have light workouts as well as intensifying opposition in a more challenging session.


Outdoor fitness activities are not a must with the different types of exercise bikes that are a great deal for an indoor workout. Enjoy a good health and fitness while still at the convenience of your house.

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