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The elliptical exercise machines also referred to as the elliptical trainers refer to units of cross training equipment that have been designed to stimulate walking, stair climbing, running or cross country skiing motions.

The elliptical machines are also known to reduce the amount of pressure that is usually placed on your joints that at times occurs when you are performing exercises such as stair climbing or running.

The majority of the elliptical trainers will also allow controlling the intensity of your workouts by properly managing the incline and resistance levels of your equipment.

To use the elliptical machine, it is important that you first learn how to position yourself on the machine. It is also advisable you learn on how best you can perform the various exercises to ensure your elliptical machine workout is productive.

Elliptical Machine Workout

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Introductions will never make you familiar with using the elliptical machine! In case you have just purchased one for your personal use, all the information that you might be interested in will be on the user instruction manual.

You need to take your time and read through the user manual carefully to ensure that the setup has correctly be completed and that you have an idea on how best you can operate the machine before you start using it.

In case you are using the elliptical trainer in a gym setting, be free and request the gym instructor for a demo. Different elliptical machine workout models are known to have different programming, monitoring and safety features you should know before you start using them.

Handling the elliptical Machines

The standard elliptical machine workout is known to have feature handles for two main reasons. First, a safety feature to ensure you is supported and secondly as a way of keeping your arms moving together with your legs to ensure better exercise efficiency.

One common mistake most people are known to make is tightly gripping the handles. You need to start with the pedals in a neutral position whenever you are mounting the elliptical trainers.

Grasp the elliptical handles as you step on the pedals and ensure you keep them in a neutral position when programming your machine.

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Getting in the Starting Position

elliptical machine workouts


  1. Step on the elliptical machine

Hold onto the stationary handle bar of the elliptical. Carefully place both your feet on each of the pedals one foot at a time. The elliptical pedals are not resistant to weight hence will move when you place your foot on the pedal.

  1. Ensure your feet are properly aligned on the pedals

Your feet should be parallel to the inside edges on the elliptical pedals. This will ensure your hips align properly to the elliptical machine.

  1. Straighten Your Spine

Ensure your spine is straight whenever you are using the elliptical machine you prevent your back from experiencing strain when doing the movement exercises.

Pull the abdominal muscles in and ensure the pelvis is slightly pushed forward at the same time.

  1. Position your arms properly

Despite the elliptical machines having stationary handle bars to help you in maintaining your balance, it is appropriate that you pull your shoulders back and down and slightly bend the elbows. Ensure your head is facing straight and is upright.

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Performing the Exercise

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  1. Using your legs, pedal in a forward or backward direction

The movement of the leg created by the elliptical trainer will result in an elliptical or oval shape.

Ensure you slightly bend your knees to encourage smooth elliptical movement on the machine since locking your knees will result in discomfort and injury.

  1. Adjust the elliptical settings to intensify your workout

Most of the elliptical trainers will allow you to adjust the incline and resistance levels in order to challenge your strength.

  • Increase the level of resistance to make the pedaling more difficult and ensure your calves and leg muscles work.
  • Increase the level of incline to work your gluteal and hamstring muscles and stimulate the stair or hill climbing.
  • Increase the overall intensity of your workout in case you feel your movement have become bouncy and choppy. The elliptical movements should be fluid and smooth to ensure you attain your effective and optimal workout.
  1. Vary the elliptical workouts using different exercise procedures

The elliptical trainers will always provide you with a variety of workouts based on the style you have entered the trainer such as your weight and age.

  • Ensure you use the weight loss program. The weight loss program on the elliptical trainers will help you focus on your workout’s overall intensity level by adjusting the ramp and increasing the difficulty level when pedaling. The program is known to be ideal for beginners.
  • You can also use the heart rate program. The heart rate programs will require you to gram onto the sensors that are located on the handlebars of the elliptical trainers whenever you are working out.
  • The sensors will be able to track your heart rate and modify the level of intensity of your workout accordingly.


  1. Pedal on the elliptical trainers consistently for 20-30 minutes

As your body starts to be fit and acclimated to your elliptical exercises, it is possible for you to increase workout intensity using the console.

  1. Train using the elliptical machine for a minimum of 3 times in a week

Ensure that you consult with your personal fitness expert or trainer on the optimal workout routine based on your level of fitness. The trainer will recommend the best frequency at which you will be using the elliptical trainer.

Final Verdict

Elliptical machine workout are known to be the usually suspect you will always come across in any gym. Provided you can walk, you can probable use one! Whether you do exercise safely and achieve good results or maintain poor posture whenever you are being tangled up, it will depend on how you will use it.

In case you are new to the elliptical machines and you are not sure if you are using it in the correct way, it is advisable that you take time and learn the ropes that will ensure a safer and better workout.



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