Evo Fitness Bike Review – The Mighty Evo CX Indoor Bike


If you are looking for an indoor training bike which will give you a workout experience that rivals other outdoor bikes, the Evo indoor cycle one that fits the bill. The bike comes with a unique RAMP sway frame that is rare in other brands of spin bikes.

The frame moves as you move, thus allowing you to work your core muscles while at the same time maintaining your balance as you would on a real bike. Other features of this indoor cycle help you feel comfortable while working out. It features a state-of – the art seat that is ideal for all kinds of cyclists.

In addition, its handlebars can be adjusted in the four most commonly used hand positions. It is also equipped with Evo’s advanced computer to help track workout statistics, including RPM, distance, time, heart rate, and calories burned, through a clear display. Following here below is a comprehensive Evo fitness bike review. Read on for more details.

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About Evo Fitness Brand indoor spin cycles

Evo brand spin cycles are manufactured by Relay Fitness Group, a company that specializes in fitness equipment. These indoor cycles have helped revolutionize workouts with their unique cardio products, which are innovative and are elegantly designed. Two of their models, the Evo ix and Evo mx indoor cycles, won the coveted Head of the Class ‘Best Buy’ awards for the 2011/2012 season from Fitness Professor Review.com. This bike is among the best spin bikes on the market today.

They are recognized for their sleek look, providing a real –life feel of an outdoor bike and is also fun to work with. The Evo spin cycles have also earned very positive reviews from the fitness industry, including fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, customers, as well as fitness dealers everywhere in the world.

Why should you spend dollars on Evo CX spin bike?

First and foremost, this type of bike is capable of giving you a superb fitness regime that many other types of indoor cycles cannot provide. The bike comes with a number of quality features that help ensure that you get the best workout experience.

In addition, its Evo’s advanced computer helps you track all the essential workout statics, thus allowing you to have the most effective workouts for your specific fitness goal. You are also assured of the most comfortable workouts because of the some of the unique features that come with this bike.

One of these features is the state-of–the art racing seat that is designed to help you experience added comfort on each workout. In addition, the bike features the latest InfinteFit handlebars to help you get the best position while cycling. The bike is also fairly priced considering the fact that it is a state-of–the art indoor cycle.


Evo CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Spin Bike Review


Features and Specs of Evo CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Bike


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  • Sway frame,
  • Adjustable handlebars featuring InfiniteFit Technology,
  • State-of –the art racing seat,
  • Pivot-locking switch,
  • Advanced computer,
  • Steel frame,
  • Orb Gear Drive System,
  • Various workout programs.
  • Maximum capacity: 350 pounds


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  • Length: 48 inches,
  • Width: 26 inches,
  • Height: 56 inches,
  • Unit weight: 137 pounds.



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Revolutionary Sway Frame

This feature is meant to help experience the same kind workouts that you would normally have while using a real outdoor bike.


The Orb Drive System

This system features a small, single axis flywheel and brake mechanism. The system does not require a chain, external flywheel, or belt. It is completely enclosed.


The adjustable handlebars, which feature InfiniteFit Technology, allow the rider to use the four most used hand positions. In addition, they also come with Holders for 2 large water bottles as well as a center platform for smartphones.

The Evo advanced computer

This advanced computer helps you monitor several workout statics, including RPM, distance, heart rate, time, as well calories consumed. It also has an adjustable lighting function. It allows you to accurately track your progress in both dark and light environments.

Racing seat

This bike also features a high –quality seat that is also durable. It is also comfortable and very easy to adjust. The seat is ideal for any rider, whether tall or short.


Pros – Advantages of Evo CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Exercise Bike 😀 

  • It comes with an advanced Evo –computer that monitors various workout statistics, including heart rate, speed, distance, RPM, and calories burned.
  • The bike is highly rated by many users,
  • It features a swaying frame for most effective workouts,
  • It comes with workout programs,
  • It is durable because of its steel frame,
  • The bike’s handlebars are of very high quality. They can also allow the rider to use the four most used hand positions.
  • It features a high-quality racing seat,
  • It can accommodate riders who weigh up to 350 pounds.
  • Its pedals can accommodate cycling shoes or standard gym shoes,
  • It is elegantly designed,
  • It helps provide workouts that rival those provided by outdoor bikes,
  • It is fun to exercise with,
  • It requires little maintenance,
  • It is built around the Orb drive system,
  • It provides comfortable workouts regardless of your riding position,
  • You can ride the bike while standing,
  • The bike has a 10-year warranty. It also has warranties on labor, electrical parts, mechanical parts, as well as wear items,
  • It also features a pivot locking switch, whose purpose is to turn the swaying frame into a fixed frame,
  • The bike is reasonably priced.

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Cons – Not so good at 🙁 

  • The smartphone area is not big enough to hold certain types of phones, including iPhone 6-size.
  • Some users say the bike’s computer is not advanced enough; it could do with an upgrade.
  • It does not feature a chest strap, which, according to some users, should have been included as one of its features when you consider its price.

Customer reviews

Most people who bought this spin cycle have to give it a very high rating regarding its performance, ease of use , durability, as well as easy maintenance. Most users are very satisfied and have considered the bike as a worthy investment.

The Verdict

The Evo Fitness Bike can allow you to enjoy a wide range of benefits as well as features that are not found in other indoor cycles. It allows you to experience workouts that are of the same magnitude as the ones provided by outdoor bikes. In addition, the advanced computer that comes with the indoor cycle helps you monitor various different workout statics that is essential for effective workouts. The bike is also designed in a way that allows you to perform spinning exercises in the most comfortable positions.

The Evo Fitness Bike is also and very durable. It requires very little maintenance. It is an indoor spin bike that gives value for money and is also one of the best indoor cycles on the market today. You can read another detailed Evo spin bike review for additional information.

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