What You Need To Know About Exercise Bike Resistance – Types and Importance


Exercise Bike Resistance

When it comes to exercise bikes, there are so many factors that can contribute to decision making of buying one. Aside from the brand, the type and the price, there are more details that must be considered so that you won’t waste your money on something that won’t deliver to your needs.

Exercise bikes promote well being since it strengthens your muscles; it’s a good workout for the heart and some for training purposes. Aside from these, what makes these bikes even popular is the ability it provides its users to use them indoors. This means that you can use them anytime at home or in the gym regardless the weather.

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

Generally there are two types of exercise bikes, the upright and the recumbent. Both may have similarities on some features when it comes to its benefits but there is definitely a big difference when it comes to its design.

Upright Exercise Bikes

These types of indoor exercise bikes looks more closely to that of a regular outdoor traditional bicycle. It has pedals and handles that are positioned as how the regular bikes have. It works on the lower body and is a good cardiovascular workout too.

By leaning forward, riders can work on their upper body as well. Upright exercise bikes also have different settings when it comes to resistance, depending on the user, the rider could experience more intense training or less.

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Recumbent Exercise Bikes

While they may have some similarities with the upright types, recumbent exercise bikes actually provide more comfort to its users. Unlike the ordinary seats that upright have, recumbent offers a chair-like wider seat and support the back of the user as well.

What is Exercise Bike Resistance?

Exercise Bike Resistance

Exercise bikes does not only offer a simple workout by pedaling, otherwise, users will not be able to achieve their goals and it would only make it less of a traditional bike. Having different levels of resistance can be simply compared to bikers who are riding on a leveled road, uphill and downhill. Varying resistance is actually one of the most important features to look out for when buying an exercise bike.

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Types of Exercise Bike Resistance

Basically, there are three types of exercise bike resistance that buyers make look into, and to further help you on how they are different from each other, here is a comparison of them.

Magnet Type

This could be the most expensive type of exercise bike resistance but it also offers the smoothest and quietest experience among the other types. It uses electromagnetic induction to provide resistance. Another best feature of a magnetic resistance is that its parts do not wear and tear since no parts have direct friction at all.

Friction Type

Friction type of resistance is definitely cheaper than magnetic types. It works by having break-pads that are attached to the flywheel which is also attached to the pedal. As it squeezes the flywheel tighter, pedaling becomes tougher and gives the rider more intense resistance. On the other hand, friction type also has more parts that would eventually wear off and may need to be replaced overtime.

Fan Type

Instead of a flywheel, a fan type of exercise bike has a huge resistance fan instead. Its mechanism is pretty simple, by pedaling the fan starts to turn as well. The air resistance increases as the speed increases. This means that if the user wanted more resistance, all he has to do is pedal faster.

Different Exercise Bike Resistance Levels

When it comes to the level of resistance, it could be measured by low, medium and high. Depending on the type of exercise bike that you have or planning to get, adjusting the levels may also differ. Some would depend on how fast you pedal with the bike while some have consoles where in the adjustments can be made. Low resistance level is usually recommended for beginners. As they may not have been doing the hobby for quite some time or maybe just warming up, staying on this level for about 10 minutes would be fine.

On the other hand, riders who needed more work on their exercise bikes may increase the resistance to medium. It gives the feeling of riding a hill all the way up but not so steep. Changing the type of resistance from time to time is also recommended as to staying at a steady pace.

Lastly, high resistance is for those who need more workouts on strengthening their body over all. It’s like cycling all the way up to a very steep hill and should be done only by those who have been training for a long time. However, make sure to get a few minutes of rest in between sets to make sure your body can endure the heavy workout.

How to Adjust Exercise Bike Resistance

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Getting your own exercise bike has a lot of advantages for the health. The freedom to ride it on any kind of weather is one of the best features that you can get. However, different thing must be decided first before buying in order to get the tight workout equipment as well.

With the different types of exercise bike, surely the amount that you need to prepare would have to be flexible too and if this is a big factor for you to consider, set the amount that you are willing to spend after you have decided on which type to get.

If you are just starting with these bikes, you can opt for a fan type or friction type as they cost much cheaper than a magnetic type but also consider replacing the parts that would wear and tear over time. Needless to say, if you are looking for the best exercise bike that provided smooth and quite operation and if you are willing to spend a little bit more, then choosing a magnetic exercise bike would be best.

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