Indoor Cycling at Home Or Choose Spinning Class: Which should be Preferred?


Doing your workout regularly does a lot of help to your overall health. This is why there are so many ways being introduced to people in order to let them find the best possible way of keeping themselves fit. In this day and age wherein everything can be brought at home, indoor stationary bikes are one of the most popular exercise equipment that can help you lose weight or keep your body in shape.

However, some people may have a hard time choosing which works better; would it be indoor cycling at the comfort of your home or joining some spinning classes?


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At Home or at the Gym

Basically, indoor cycling will give you two options. Some people enjoy the convenience it provides when they have their own at home. On the other hand, attending spinning classes may be more fun and enjoyable for the others as they may find it more challenging and being able to socialize with other people as well.

Advantages of Indoor Cycling at Home

It is no question that doing your regular workout is most convenient when you don’t have to leave home. You save a lot of time from commuting going to the gym while this also saves you from some of your expenses when commuting or using your own car. Doing your workout at home also means that you get to choose your own music to listen to while working out or maybe you wanted to read a good book or watch movies or favorite TV shows.

Indoor cycling at home will also allow you to set your own time. Compared to the indoor cycling class wherein there are schedules that you need to follow, exercising at home means that you can do it in the morning, afternoon or evening, it will all depend on you and your schedule.

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Disadvantages of Indoor Cycling at Home

One of the most common problems that some people have when they own a stationary bike at home would be the lack of discipline and motivation. There are times that they feel lazy for that day and would just let their equipment sit there for days without using it.

Since you are at home, it would also be easy for you to get distracted especially if there are other people living with you. Unless you have your own workout room, chances of doing something else is more than being part of a spinning class.


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Advantages of Joining a Spinning Class

For any goals that you may have, going to the gym will help you get motivated and be associated with other people who may have the same goals as you. This is one of the greatest reasons why people choose to be part of a class than doing their workout alone at home. You may not be aware all the time but the moment your instructor tells you to level up your workout or to push yourself harder, you would really give it your best in order to keep up with the rest of the class.

If you are at home, you sometimes end up doing your exercise at a pace wherein you are most comfortable, however, at a spinning class, you would need to work harder, get motivated and follow the program. This also means less or no distraction at all; probably the reason why some people believed it to be more effective especially when you are serious about reaching your goals sooner.

Disadvantages of Joining a Spinning Class

You would know that you’ve found the right class for you when you feel motivated by the people surrounding you especially your trainers. There are times wherein a class program could be so intense that you cannot keep up with them anymore especially if you are just starting with this kind of workout.

Expect for most teachers to push their students to do their best. Some instructors may even find shouting at their students effective to ensure that they are doing their best. Aside from these factors, know that gym membership are usually required which means that this also adds to your expenses.

Which is better?

Deciding which of the two options is better would be dependent on the user. Different people have different preferences and may find one better than the other. If you are the type of person who feels like they are more effective when doing workouts at home then having your own stationary bike would be the best for you. On the other hand, if you feel that you will be more productive when surrounded by other people doing their workout as well, attending your spinning classes would be recommended.

Things to Consider

Whichever of the two options you would like to go with, bear in mind that safety must always be prioritized. For indoor cycling at home, checking your equipment regularly is a must. Nevertheless, those who go to the gym frequently should not only ensure safety while traveling to the gym but also if the gym maintains their equipment regularly. It is also important to wear the right outfit when working out regardless of where you are doing it.

Final Words

Doing your workout at home would require you to purchase your own indoor cycling equipment which may not be very cheap at all; however, it is still considered to be a good investment so making the most out of it would be best. Moreover, for those who prefer spinning classes, bear in mind that the goal is to keep yourself fit and not just to socialize most of the time. If by any chance you find the people and the instructor not helping you the way that they should be then that means you should look for other places to do your spinning class.


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