5 Indoor Cycling Hacks – No Gym Required


Indoor Cycling Hacks

Some indoor bike hacks to help you get started and cycling myths busted!

Whether you have your own spin bike at home or usually go to your local gym for a spin class, making sure that the spinning bike that you are using is safe and comfortable to use is very important. Doing your regular work out has a lot of benefits for the body and while you wanted to achieve your goals, it is always best to ensure your safety to avoid any injuries.

In reality, spin bikes are designed to fit most people as they also come in different sizes. However, not all people have the same height and body measurements. This is why making necessary adjustments is very important before riding the bicycle. These simple indoor cycling hacks are what you need to start a comfortable and better ride.

And to get started, here are 5 spin bike hacks to make your life easier.

Indoor Cycling Hacks

Dressing properly is already given. It is also advisable to get a pair of good shoes that you will be relaxed to use. Having all the gears that you need such as your water bottle, music player or even a towel is also necessary.

But the moment you step into you spin bike, that’s where the real workout begins and here are the things that you should pay attention to before spinning.

Know where the adjustments can be found

There are several adjustments that can be found on the spin bike which could be different from one brand to another. Knowing where to locate them will help you get a better ride as you do your exercise.

There are different knobs that need some fine tuning; this includes the handle bars, the seat itself and the height of the seat. Having the right information on how to make the adjustments is best.

Adjust the height of the seat

Normally, if you are on a spin class, other people will also have their own set of adjustments when using the same bike. On the other hand, if you have one at home, there are also times where in other members of the family would try to use it once in a while. Moving the saddle parallel to the hips usually does the trick.

This helps the rider get maximum performance while cycling and not strain much on the legs when the adjustments are incorrect.

seat position

Adjust the seat position

This determines the distance of your handle bar to your seat. Most of the time, bikers find it effective to just position their saddles in the middle of the adjustment. While this works for some people, it would still be better to try different locations and find the one that is most comfortable for you.

This avoids back pains as you do not have to bend too much or stretch your arm during the workout if the adjustment is made too far from the handle bar.

indoor cycling position
Source: www.powercyclestudio.com

Position your handle bar

Handle bars can also be changed according to your body. Making sure that your elbow is not having a hard time while working out is also important. This adjustment will also affect your back’s posture so it’s better to try on different positions until you find the best for your own body.

Pay attention to the pedals

One of the main reasons why having a good pair of cycling shoes is necessary is because they either have a lock or SPD cleats that would match your bike’s pedals. Avoid slipping by doing so and be able to enjoy the ride even more.


Cycling Myths Busted

For some people, they get easily intimidated when they hear about indoor spin bike activities. Some think that it is too much to handle for beginners while some have the misconception that it may not be a complete workout that they need. But the truth is spin bikes offer a complete workout for any age and any type of body.

It’s a good way to start engaging yourself in to a regular workout routine since you can vary speed and intensity of the workout.

This low impact exercise can even benefit people even if they have knee problems. In fact, indoor bikes are recommended as a therapy or remedy to those who are suffering with bad knees.

Some of the other indoor cycling myths that I usually hear as well would be that you have to keep up with the instructor or else you better quit. The truth is, whether at the gym or at home, you can always set your own pace.

For beginners, there is no need to rush things and do what other professional bikers do. Everything must be done gradually and you will definitely go there as you progress with your workout.

Safety Matters

As you make all the necessary adjustment on your spin bike, the next best thing to do is to double or triple check that they are locked in. There are instances wherein you though you where able to secure them but actually missed on it. Make sure everything is on its place and that it is ready for use.

Otherwise, you may end up having loose knobs which could result to injury or worse, if part of a class, get other people in trouble too.

Final Thoughts

Spin bikes are definitely one of the best workout equipment that you can own at home. It works for most people to which you can share and work as a complete exercise for the whole body.

Aside from the fact that you have to ensure safety when it comes to making adjustments and locking them in, having the right place for the bike is also important.

If you have one at home, set a workout place that is suitable for you. Have all the things that you need within reach and try to fill your surrounding with motivation to keep you up and running until you reach your goals.

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  1. Forrest Warren says

    Its important to make your indoor cycling more valuable and fun. When cycling outdoors, you don’t realize how the air and the breeze cool you down. If you take that away you’d be surprised how quickly your core body temperature rises and you overheat. Placing a small fan nearby directed to your face makes indoor cycling much more comfortable. Also fast tempo music is a great way to keep you your mind occupied.

    1. Paul Reed says

      Thank you for your feedback.

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