Most Recent Exerpeutic LX7 Review – Best Overall Indoor Cycle


The Exerpeutic Lx7 is another great indoor low-cost indoor training bike that can give you an adequate cardio exercise at home. It comes at an amazingly low price when you consider some of its features, including a computer monitor and Heart Pulse Sensors, as well as its top quality design.

The Exerpeutic Lx7 is easy to use and sturdy. Here is an exerpeutic lx7 review to help you learn more about this amazing, low-budget bike.

Why do you spend dollars on Exerpeutic LX7 indoor cycling bike? 

First and foremost, Exerpeutic Lx7 training cycle is very effective when it comes to helping you realize your workout goals. This is because it guarantees you smooth, quiet, and powerful workouts that are very effective in keeping you fit and healthy.

In addition, its three position handlebars, which feature electronic heart rate monitors, are very useful when it comes to controlling and maintaining the right heart rate in between cycling sessions. The bike is also easy to use and gives a very reliable performance. It is also safe and sturdy.

Exerpeutic LX7 Review

The Exerpeutic Lx7 Indoor Cycle comes with the following features,


Features at a Glance 

  • Secure toe cages,
  • Floor stabilizers,
  • Multi-grip handlebars design,
  • Chrome-rimmed iron flywheel,
  • emergency stop brake,
  • Soft- covered, adjustable handlebars,
  • Removable transport wheels,
  • Adjustable ergonomic seat,
  • Water bottle holder,
  • Double direction enabled pedaling,
  • Three pieces crank feature with chain drive.

Computer features at a Glance

  • Speed monitor,
  • Time monitor,
  • Calories counter,
  • Distance monitor,
  • Easy to use computer LCD display,
  • Read-aloud pulse monitor.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 49 inches,
  • Length: 47 inches,
  • Width: 20 inches,
  • Weight per unit: 90 pounds


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The following are some of the features of Exerpeutic Lx7 in greater detail,


Chrome-rimmed iron flywheel 

The 40 pound cast iron, chrome-rimmed flywheel helps provide a smooth, consistent peddling.

Multi-grip handlebars

The multi-grip handlebars can be adjusted to your preference. In addition, there are three handlebar positions which allow you to concentrate more on your workout instead of spending a lot of time trying to be comfortable. They are also covered with foam and have three locking positions that move backward, forward, back, and up.


The seat is cushioned ergonomically and can be adjusted upward, downward, backward, and forward.

Toe cages

These are covered with aluminum alloys in order to allow for an extra forward as well as secure leg thrust on the unit.

High-quality metal frame

This metal frame makes the bike be sturdy and stable. The bike can support up to 300 pounds.

Transport wheels 

These wheels help make relocation of the unit easier.

Floor stabilizers 

This is meant to help you level your bike on most surfaces.

Easy dial tension adjustment

This feature allows you to adjust the bike’s tension for a more progressive and challenging workout.

LCD display 

Exerpeutic LX7 ReviewThe LCD display helps you monitor distance covered, speed, and calories burned, RPM as well as pulse rate.

The computer

The computer allows you to read your heart pulse so that you can stay within your Target Heart Rate Zone. Read another Exerpeutic lx7 review for more information on the bike’s features.


Pros – Advantages of the Exerpeutic Lx7 indoor cycling bike 😀 ”

  • The bike has a warranty of 90 days for parts and one year for the main frame,
  • You can ride the bike while standing, thus simulating an uphill road experience,
  • This indoor spin cycle can carry a rider weighing up to 300 pounds,
  • It features double direction peddling,
  • It can be relocated easily because it features transport wheels,
  • The bike is safe to use as a result of its top down emergency brake,
  • It comes with a water bottle holder,
  • It is most ideal for anyone who is 5.2 to 6.2 feet tall,
  • It comes with an adjustable, ergonomic seat,
  • It also features adjustable handlebars,
  • This spinning cycle is easy to use,
  • It is very stable because of its high-quality metal frame,
  • It comes with an LCD display that is easy to read,
  • It has heart rate sensors,
  • The lx7 has a very nice design,
  • It features 3 handle positions,
  • It is affordable,
  • It features a solid 3 piece crank system with chain drive,
  • It has a chain drive mechanism that enables it to simulate road bike exercises.

Cons – Not so good at 🙁

  • It needs some assembling,
  • Some users have stated that the LX7 has an inaccurate display monitor. This means that you may need to record all your data somewhere else as a precaution.
  • The machine can be very noisy and can also gyrate considerably. This means that the machine may need to be made more stable than is the case now,
  • The machine is not ideal for people who are more than 6.2 feet tall as well as those who below 5.2 feet. This leaves a very small margin of people who can benefit from using this indoor cycle.
  • It does not come with any preset workouts, meaning that you will always need to adjust the settings manually in order to accommodate your desires.


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Final Words 

The Lx7exerpeutic is associated with many advantages, making it appealing to many users. It allows you to do your workouts in the comfort of your own home. In addition, it gives you full discretion over how hard you can practice.

It is also reasonably priced when you consider some of its features and its design. It will certainly give you enough cardio exercise to help meet your fitness and health goals. The machine is worth buying. You can read another online Exerpeutic lx7 review for additional information on this bike .

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