Recumbent Exercise Bikes For Back Pain And People With Short Heights


Recumbent exercise bike for back pain

Recumbent exercise bikes are extremely beneficial equipment for cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. These machines trigger and train a lot of muscles in the lower part of our body.

As suggested by the name, these exercise bikes require you to sit in a recumbent position with your back rested against the backrest. Recumbent exercise bikes are evidently lower to the ground, compared to other exercise bikes. They are extremely easy to use and inexpensive to maintain

Latest recumbent exercise bikes are more compact and are equipped with latest features including multi-functional LCD screens, pulse measuring sensors and tension control systems. Foldable recumbent bikes are also available for purchase.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Health Benefits

The standout feature of these bikes is that you can perform cardio workout without coercing your back and joints unnecessarily. These bikes exert minimal pressure on your joints and your back as it mainly targets your lower body muscles including thigh hamstring muscles and gluteal muscles.

In a nutshell, recumbent bikes provide ‘comfortable’ workout. The back is reclined and you don’t have to grab onto any handles, leaving your hands completely unoccupied. You can even read books, browse the internet or eat ‘healthy’ snacks while working out.

You can also burn calories and shed off weight, using these bikes. You can use a testosterone booster to help you in that process using the testosterone booster will increase your stamina and will enable you to work out more and accordingly shed off more pounds.

The design of these bikes ensures that your workout is highly rewarding. The reclined position will require you to devote greater strength, resulting in more benefit.

Modern tension control systems could be utilized to stimulate and gain leg muscles.

Recumbent cycling also strengthens the heart and lungs, enhancing your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. It improves your breathing, blood pressure, and heartbeat. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases and improves overall health.

Fitness freaks can train on recumbent bikes to warm-up their body before an intense workout. Recumbent bikes are also known to tone your body in an amazing manner. It aligns your legs and lowers back, providing an evidently better posture.

Given that the recumbent exercise bikes are evidently comfortable, you wouldn’t mind extending your workout sessions.

Why is it useful for individuals with back pain?

recumbent exercise bike for back pain
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These exercise bikes are quite convenient and useful for people with back pain. The comfortable sitting position and backrest placement make it a valuable equipment for people suffering from back pain and similar problems.

The intensity of workout offered by Recumbent exercise bikes is also low, which minimizes the risk of injuries and strains in your body.

The reclined backrest and comfortable seat ensure that you won’t feel any strain in your spine. One can work out on this machine for longer periods, without damaging their back.

These machines are ideal for people suffering from back-pain, as they can train without worrying about stressing their back.

These machines minimize the pressure on your back and knees by extending the angle of the knee joint.

The seats installed in these exercise bikes are designed according to the requirements of our body. These bikes enable you to sit in the ideal position, contributing to improve your posture.

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How recumbent bikes are useful for people with short heights

Recumbent exercise bikes are extremely suitable for short-height individuals. These bikes can be customized according to the requirements of each individual.

Most of the recumbent bikes offer adjustable seats. You can adjust the seat to the extent where the pedals are easily reachable. This feature is immensely important as forcefully extending your legs to access the pedals is harmful to knee joints.

Recumbent bikes also come up wit adjustable levers and handles. Shorter people can adjust the handles accordingly, for a more comfortable workout session.

Newer and technically advanced models of these bikes also offer adjustable LCD screens.

Moreover, these bikes are available in different sizes. People with shorter heights can select smaller sizes, to increase their comfort level while working out.

How to engage abdominal muscles?

Unlike sit up benches, recumbent exercise bikes barely train abs, you can slightly adjust the machine and yourself, to engage your abs.

Basically, you have to make pedaling difficult for yourself.

If the backrest is adjustable, you can decrease the recline angle for a straighter back and adjust your posture to exert more pressure on your abdominal area. If executed correctly, you can strengthen your core along with cardio workout.

Cycling Tips On Recumbent Bikes

recumbent bike cycling tips

  • Stretching

The recumbent exercise bike triggers multiple muscles in your body. It is important to stretch and loosen up your muscles, before the workout. You can perform a variety of dynamic stretches including lunges, knee to chest, high kicks, hip stretches and jump squats.

It will activate relevant muscles and improve muscular performance, preventing injuries in your muscles.

  • Warm-up

It is advised to warm-up and gradually gain momentum while working out on this exercise bike. This will allow your body to adapt and loosen up some muscles and connective tissues.

  • Adjust tension

You can increase the resistance to make pedaling harder. It will allow you to achieve your fitness goals faster. It is advised to gradually increase the resistance as your body adapts to the machine.

  • Proper positioning

Maintaining a proper position while working out on a recumbent exercise bike is important. You should maintain a straight posture with your back pressed against the backrest. Leaning forward while pedaling may prove to be harmful.

  • Heavy Flywheels

Using heavy flywheels will enable you to feel the realistic road experience, in a smooth and quiet way.

  • Proper gear

It is advised to use proper gear while working out on a recumbent exercise bike.

You must have proper shoes, to avoid any injury from fast-moving gears of the bike.

It is also advised to wear proper clothing, before getting on a recumbent bike.

Cloths offering extra bulge and loose fitting may get caught in the moving components of this bike, leading to risks of strangling and injuries.

  • Workout Duration

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30-60 minutes of cardio exercise five days per week.

Recumbent exercise bikes are extremely effective and convenient. You can fuse your workout sessions into your daily life, using these bikes.


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