Web Content Writing Scholarship Program 2016-2017

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Scholarship program

Exercisebikereviewer.com is a Fitness and Health inspiration website helping out the consumers in order to find the best fitness products and accessories for them. We are reviewing the fitness gadgets and accessories on a daily basis for our readers so that they can find the best deal. Our expert review team tests and represents the consumer data on this website.

We are happily announcing “Web Content Writing Scholarship Program which is worth $1000 prize money.  This scholarship is applicable for the undergraduate or postgraduate students who have the passion and ability to research and write for the fitness industry.

This scholarship program is highly recommended for the students who are currently studying in IT/Tech, Business, Marketing or Health related departments.

If you believe you have the ability and skills to achieve the scholarship program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can simply use our contact form.

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Exercisebikereviewer is pleased to support the open minded and creative individuals who have the passion in creative writing. We run the scholarship program every year.

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  • Scholarship Amount: $1000
  • Total Submissions: 10
  • Application Deadline: 23th April, 2017


[code]Notes: Freshers can also apply for the scholarship program. There is no need to be experienced at all. This is an annual scholarship program. We don’t seek any business profit out of this scholarship program.It’s only for talent hunt. So you just need to have the passion and positive will. The content submitted must be devoid of explicit research and materials. [/code]


Terms of Participation

In order to get started with the scholarship program, you need to research and create great researched articles between 500-1000 words on the following subject.  Please add the resource list for the articles.


  • How can you stay fit with fitness equipment in a right way?
  • Which type of exercise bikes should you choose for indoor workouts?
  • Indoor exercise or exercise in gyms – which one to consider and why?


This scholarship program is only eligible for the students currently studying in Universities, Colleges or in High schools. We won’t accept any applicants other than that.


The candidate must be able to research well and create unique and fresh web content for the readers as well as the consumers.  You have to make sure that you have researched enough before you represent the data for our readers.
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We have made the submission part easier for the students. To do this, the candidate needs to write the articles of 500-1000 words for the given topics.

Attach the articles via a word.doc or PDF format file and email us at, scholarship@exercisebikereviewer.com

Please provide the following details in your email.

  • Personal details (Full Name, Age, Gender, Valid Phone Number & Address, Postal Code)
  • School/College/University Name
  • Area of Study
  • A proof that you are a student of the institution

By submitting your article, you are giving us the permission to use it either for promotions and marketing purposes.


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The final date of the submission is April 23, 2017.  We will judge and choose the winner by 25th April, 2017. We will personally contact the winner by mail and send him/her the check by mail. $1000 prizemoney check will be sent directly to your collegeWe run the scholarship program every year.

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  • Total Submissions: 10


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