Schwinn IC2 Review – Probably The Best Indoor Spin Bike


Cycling is a great option for anyone who is starting out or continuing on the journey towards physical fitness. And like any other fitness regime, cycling demands motivation and willpower so as to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Indoor cycling is great because anyone can participate regardless of their age or fitness level. An added advantage to indoor cycling is that you do not need a trainer to get the workout done. You can do it all by yourself.

Spinning bike is a great workout tool for people who do not want to spend a lot of time driving to and from the gym. It also helps you to work out when the weather outside is cold, and you do not feel like going outside either to the gym or for a run. The spin bike also comes in handy to a person who is training for a triathlon because it helps give you the cardio and endurance you need to achieve this feat.

Why would you spend on this Schwinn IC2 Spin bike?

An indoor spinning bike is the answer whenever someone says they are too busy to workout because of their crazy schedules. This is because even though many of us can be held up late at work and not find time even to do the simplest of cardio exercises, the Schwinn IC2 is the solution.

This is a great indoor spinning cycle that will keep you challenged and motivated to continue working hard to achieve your fitness goals. This machine helps to keep track of your progress so that you can work even harder tomorrow to beat today’s or yesterday’s workout record.

Schwinn IC2 Review

Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike Review


Key features and Specs

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  • Upright and sturdy with real life cycling that is Q-factor inspired
  • Infinite resistance levels delivered by a high inertia drive system
  • Made of corrosion resistant, oversized steel tubing for ultimate quality and durability
  • Even and smooth resistance produced by the 31lb flywheel
  • Cleverly designed LCD that shows you time, distance, RPM, speed and the calorie counts
  • Backed up with a 5-year warranty by manufacturers, 90-day wear and tear warranty, and 1-year electrical warranty.


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Features in larger details of Schwinn IC2 Spin Cycle


As pointed out above, the indoor cycle is built from a steel frame that keeps the bike steady as you work out, even when you apply the most force when cycling. The handlebars and seats are tightly secured so that there is no wobble when you are working out. The bike also has a provision for the uneven floor as it comes with adjustable leveling feet to counter this so that whenever you are cycling, you will not feel any rocking.


The handlebars can be tuned up and down to get them into the position you are most comfortable with when cycling. The seat can also be adjusted forwards or backward, upwards or downwards to account for leg space and different heights the users might have.


The resistance of this spin bike is provided by a pad on the top of the flywheel that is wool felt. You can adjust the resistance by turning the knob. The great thing about this is that it is incremental. Therefore, it does not go from little resistance to impossible to ride with nothing in the middle. You can increase the resistance as you continue to train and your legs become stronger.

The resistance, however, is a result of the friction. Therefore, the pads will need replacing after a while and Schwinn is more than happy to replace it for you. When you are cycling and need the wheel to stop quickly rather than let ic come to a halt naturally, you can press down on the resistance knob that will act as an emergency break bringing the bike to a halt.

Drive type

The Schwinn IC2 uses a chain drive like the one you would normally find on a normal outdoor bike and requires the same sort of maintenance. That is lubrication every month and tightening up the chain every now and then.

Pros – Advantages of having a Schwinn IC2 Spinning Bike 😀

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  • Easy to assemble. Max of 60mins
  • Basic console for monitoring your workout
  • Simple to move around and store
  • Pedals for pro cyclists
  • Doesn’t require much space
  • 5-year warranty by manufacturers, 90-day wear and tear warranty, and 1-year electrical warranty.
  • One bike can be used by multiple people because it is so easy to adjust
  • The bike is low on maintenance as a bit of oiling every month and changing the resistance pad is all that needs to be done.


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Cons – Not so good At 🙁

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  • The original seat can be uncomfortable to the tailbone of some users. You might want to get a cushioned seat.
  • No heart rate monitor. There is neither a wireless receiver nor a grip monitor.
  • Makes noise due to its mechanical resistance system. Some users are not happy because of the squeaks when they ride but others say because it is not louder than a normal road bike, its ok.
  • Does not include a backlit display. This makes it harder on some user’s eyes.



The verdict

Due to the strong frame that this bike has, and the high resistance that is given by the large flywheel, and the simplicity of the LCD, this indoor bike gets top marks. For this price point, you can see that this is a very good bike. It offers most of what its more expensive competition also offers. The lack of a heart rate monitor is a huge letdown for some users, but to some, it is still okay that it doesn’t have it.

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