Top Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight – Don’t Punish Yourself


Top Cardio Exercise

Workouts are a great way to improve on one’s physic as well as burning out that extra chunks of fat from the body. These exercises do not have to be boring. There are cardiovascular workouts that revitalize and intensify your training so that aside from the obvious benefit of losing weight, you also enjoy the training.

When the workouts are combined with weight training, they may lead to a significant amount of weight loss and help you to get a great figure or curve, which includes great glutes.The idea is to figure out the path that may make you achieve your goal.

Top Cardio Exercises To lose weight

The Stairmaster

stairmaster exercise

This type of exercise targets the thighs and the glutes. This exercise guarantees that you sweat. This type of training is also good for fat reduction therefore great for weight reduction. In fact, when you aggressively do this exercise, you will feel the fat melting from your body.

Therefore when you are doing this exercise consider intensity, for a good result. Give yourself a time period like 30 minutes for at least 3 times a week.You can perform this exercise in the high-intensity interval training or in the low-intensity steady state, as HIIT and LISS respectively, as you alternate the styles. All the parts of the body including the glutes and the thighs are involved.

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This may not be a favorite choice for everyone but is a key exercise for a cardio workout, and it can also be a good stress reliever as well, especially to those living a busy life. Running is a great way of burning fat especially when other movements are involved. The great thing about this is that you may decide to do it outside or you make perform this indoors from the treadmill.

Also with running, you can either do sprints, which are short, or long slow runs. Either way, if you perform it correctly you will get the desired result. In fact, when looking to shed weight, this method is on tops of the list as it burns a huge amount of calories. Intensifying this workout really pays off.

The thing best thing about this exercise is that no part of the body is left unscathed.The best way to shed fat when sprinting, when you are outside on a track is to sprint a lap, then jog the next lap. Do this for as long as possible. When you are using a treadmill sprint for about 30 seconds, then slow down for close to a minute as you jog before you continue with the exercise.

Jumping a rope


This one is great when you have limited time and you need to break a little sweat. You can do this with different frequencies, speeds and rest periods to come up with a unique program. It can be conveniently done everywhere, and all you need is just a rope.

This training keeps the heart rate up when working and consequently speeds the loss of fat loss as it makes thing interesting. That is why most boxers employ this in their training. The advantage of this is that it is cheap, easy to perform, and increases foot-speed while burning a lot of calories.

While most people can not jump a rope for more than 30 minutes, it is more suitable to do it following intervals of fast then slow jumps. Do a jump of 20-30 seconds while taking a break for approximately a minute. Do this until you are satisfied. If you are a traveler you can carry the jump rope in your suitcase and you will not have to leave your hotel room for you to do this exercises.


Plyometrics are challenging and they require a go-getter mentality.They are however easily adaptable.If the movements are new to you, try the basic body-weight-only like jumping jacks. Generally, the plyometric exercise is a quick powerful exercise that involves movements that start with muscle lengthening the muscle shortening.

Performing this plyometrics exercises increases muscle power and translates to faster times in sprints and higher jumps. Combining the plyometrics and resistance training will increase performance and power. If you lift your legs in one day then you should skip the lower body plyometric training for upper body plyometrics training.


Elliptical training

The machine used in this training are designed in order that they may minimize the impact on the knees and the hips while allowing a great workout. However, the impact in burning the calories is not as effective as the treadmill or Stairmaster.

The advantage is this type of training helps one to burn out calories without wearing out the joints. If you intensify the training, resistance, and speed you are able to burn more calories.The best way of burning fat on an elliptical, Also requires the elliptical be highly inclined, to involve more leg muscles.

This movement simulates stair climbing without any impact. If you slowly incline the elliptical and you increase resistance you will have a cross-country feel of skiing on the workout. With the step mill don’t hold the handle very tightly as this can cause wrist pain or shoulder pains.

The mistake that many people make is that instead of using their leg muscle to propel the steps they allow the momentum to do this for them.The fix for this is to set the resistance in the correct manner so as to feel a push on the ramp downwards when a revolution is made. Also, many people get bored. To solve this do the exercise in intervals.



Rowing is a great way to incorporate the lower and upper body as exerts less stress on the ligaments and joints.Also, this is a great way to work on the posterior chain.When rowing the best way of burning the calories is to use your whole body when rowing with the chest kept upwards.

Don’t put all the strain on the arms, try the get the motion with your legs. Set the clock for approximately 20 minutes and row up to 250 meters as quickly as possible for with a rest time of one minute as you repeat the motion above for another 20 minutes.

The mistakes that may be made in the workout

When your hands knock on your knees, it throws you off the cadence.To fix this take a few tips from rowers to have a fluid motion. Another mistake that causes the exercise to be inefficient is having a steady and long slog.To fix this, do about six high intensity of ten minutes, for medium resistance


There is another cardio workout that can be performed like swimming, indoor cycling or using a recumbent exercise bike for outside cycling, but in this case, we will only focus on the six.

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