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strength training

Doing your regular exercise does a lot of benefits to your body. It helps you keep your muscles strong, gives you energy for the whole day, keeps your body fit and even keeps your mind healthy as well. While there are so many ways of doing your exercise, whether you go to the gym regularly or have some equipment at home, it’s always best to ensure that you are getting the most out of it.

What is Strength Training?

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Strength training is a form of physical exercise that specializes in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which is responsible for building strength, anaerobic endurance as well as the size of skeletal muscles. A lot of people have proven this type of training to be effective that both men and women are using it to promote wellness. In reality, a lot of people also trust this program especially if they are suffering from some health conditions. This may include heart diseases, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and more.

Strength training requires a person to work out their muscles. There are different types of exercise that promote strengthening the muscles. Some of which that you can choose from would be weight lifting, squats, pushups, kettlebells, resistance bands or any other form or exercise where in  your muscles are being worked on.

Benefits of Strength Training

Staying physically, mentally and emotionally fit is definitely everybody’s goal; and with strength training, it is definitely possible. And with its advantages, even older people can still do this type of training to avoid getting different diseases as well as early signs of ageing.

Strength training is very effective in reducing signs and symptoms of several diseases and chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, depression and so much more. And to know more about what other good it can do for your health, here are some other benefits that you can get with strength training.

Arthritis Relief

As people start to age, different pains from different parts of the body are starting to be felt. In most studies conducted by professionals, men and women who were introduced to strength training were able to notice and feel a significant decreases on their body pains with their increases muscle strength due to the training program. It also decrease disability as well as felt better with their bodies.

Restoration of Balance

Another benefit that older people can get from strengthening exercise would be their increased balance and flexibility which will most likely lessen or avoid the severity of falls. With their muscles stronger than before, they were able to move better and enjoy long walks with more energy.

Protects Bone Health

strengthening-of-boneMen and women will lose about 1% of their bone and muscle strength in every year. To avoid this from happening, a regular strength workout will help it maintain its structure and provide you with longer years of doing different activities without worrying about your bones and muscles not being able to.

Weight Management

Naturally, this type of workout will help you lose weight, however, as what most people would experience; they just end up gaining the weight that they lost after a period of time. With strength training, making it a regular activity for about 3 times a week helps a lot in maintaining your current weight as you burn more calories by doing so.

Better Posture

How you sit or stand is greatly influenced by the network of your back, hip, shoulder, neck and your abdominal muscles. This means that if you have stronger muscles, which you can get from doing your exercise regularly, it will eventually improve your posture and balance as well.

 Healthy State of Mind

hapinessEngaging in strength training workout provides similar help for those who are taking anti depressant medications. It has also been proven to help increase cognitive function which makes people think better and much clearer this avoids people from suffering anxiety and low self-confidence; instead, it helps you to be in a good mood all the time.

Glucose Control

There has been an alarming increasing rate of people who are now suffering from diabetes. While the food that we intake plays a big role in getting this disease, it is also important that we maintain a healthier lifestyle which includes regular workout.

Strength training, based on most studies, was able to help people improve in glucose control, stronger muscle, less body fat, less depression and even felt better about themselves.

Sleep Improvement

With regular exercise, people get better sleep which promotes better thinking and more energy the following day. Strength training improves on your sleeping habits if you are having trouble as it also avoids getting insomnia and sleep apnea.

Getting Started


If you wanted to start with a regular strength training, the first thing that you have to do I to check with your doctor to make sure that you do not have any chronic condition that might prevent you from doing so.

The type of workout that you can engage with would also base on your current body capabilities, especially for newbies, or at times, your age. This is very important to avoid any problems and ensure safety.

It is imperative that you always start with a warm-up routine. It could be walking or some other form of exercise like stretching and make it last for about 10 minutes. This way your body is getting a signal that it’s about to get a workout and have your muscles ready for the activity.

Importance of Strength Training

With so many diseases that people are suffering from nowadays, it is hard to just depend on medications where in we are not most of the time sure if they make us better or not. This is why supporting your body with the right kinds of food as well as a healthy regular workout is a must.

Strength training has been proven to help a lot of people lose weight, maintain their desired weight, build stronger muscles, experience less pain, better posture and even think positive towards life. Not only it helps the body but it also improves your relationship towards other people as you are able to think clearly and always find yourself in a better mood.

Strength training does not need expensive equipment for it to work, in fact, you may not need anything at all but just the disciple to do your workout and continue challenging yourself.  Most of all, you need to be determined to be able to reach your goals.

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